Available Scholarships

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Students need only complete one application which is available online through OLSIS under Student Records or you can download and fill out the application below.

Business/Secretarial Science

  • Abels Memorial Scholarship Pleasants County
  • Bell Family Scholarship
  • Jima Ann Dotson Memorial Scholarship
  • Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship Non-traditional Students
  • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County

Computer Science & Mathematics

  • Dale Riggleman Memorial Scholarship Community Service
  • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County


  • Abels Memorial Scholarship Pleasants County
  • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County
  • Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship
  • Wayne- Meador-Elliot S. Memorial Ritchie County


  • Allan F. and Doris B. Gates Scholarship
  • Nancy Hickel Memorial Scholarship Journalism/Graphic Arts


  • Byrd/Maxwell/Wright Nursing Scholarship
  • Irene Conaway Nursing Scholarship Ritchie County
  • Robert & Susan St. Jean Nursing Endowment
  • Minnie B. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Calhoun County
  • Minnie Keller Nursing Endowment
  • Debra Law McIntosh Memorial Scholarship
  • Virginia McGarr McIntosh Scholarship PCHS Graduates
  • Penny Ayers Moellendick Nursing Scholarship
  • Bernice Pickens Parsons Scholarship Jackson County

Political Science/Law

  • William P.A. Nicely Memorial Scholarship Parkersburg Area High School Graduates

Social Work

  • Betsy Adams Memorial Scholarship

Technical or Science

  • GE Plastics Scholarship

Technology (Industrial, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Welding)

  • Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Scholarship


  • Kilian Conlon Memorial Scholarship Tyler, Wetzel, surrounding Co.
  • Mark Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Welding Educator Honorarium
  • Jason Meyer Memorial Scholarship

Demonstration of High Civic Involvement

  • American Legion Post 15
  • Parkersburg Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Parkersburg Rotary Club “Sour Mash” Scholarship
  • The Nine Oaks Scholarship for Appalachian Service and Development
Veterinary Medicine

  • Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with other specific criteria

  • Arthur & Judy Campbell Scholarship Residents/ Grads of WV High Schools in the Mid-Ohio Valley
  • Mary M. “Mickey” Welch Scholarship Under 21 or parent of young child
  • WVU at Parkersburg Alumni Association Scholarship Children/ Grandchildren of WVU-P/PCC Alumni
  • H. & S. International China Scholarship Travel from China
  • Sheng China Scholarship Travel to China
  • Eramet Scholarship Children of Employees
  • Jackson County Developmental Center Scholarship Endowment
  • Douglass Adams Memorial Scholarship United Bank Employees and Families
  • Wayne-Meador-Elliot Memorial Music, Geology, Petroleum, Engineering
  • Wendy’s Foster and Adopted Children Scholarship

General Academic Scholarship Based on a student’s academic performance. Most require full-time enrollment.

  • American Association of University Women
  • J. Douglas Ayers and Beatrice Pennybacker Ayers Memorial Scholarship Non-Traditional- Aged Man with Children
  • Berdie DeVaughn Scholarship
  • GE College Bound Scholarship PSHS
  • Carol H. Hamill Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom and Iowana Brady Hillyard Scholarship
  • Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship Non-Traditional Aged Students Ritchie County
  • Edna D. Hamilton Pleasant County
  • Thomas and Betty Harris Memorial Scholarship
  • Neva and Charles M. Harrison Memorial Scholarship Wood County
  • Hefner Education Fund PHS Graduate
  • Tom and Iowana Brady Hillyard Scholarship
  • Little Kanawha Regional Council Perm. Education Endowment
  • Loretta G. Miller Memorial Fund
  • Louise and Frank Culina Memorial Scholarship
  • Henry Logan Scholarship
  • James & Rebecca McCutcheon Scholarship Married/Working
  • Ruth Melton Memorial Scholarship
  • Eldon Miller Scholarship First Generation College
  • Parkersburg Automoblie and Truck Dealers Association
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Members
  • Ritchie Family Endowment
  • Dale Riggleman Memorial Scholarship
  • Harry A. Ross Scholarship
  • Simonton Window Scholarship Employees
  • Shanti Memorial Scholarship
  • Trinity Episcopal Church/Nancy Frye Memorial Scholarship
  • Lloyd Vandale Memorial Scholarship
  • Vienna VFW – Post 8127 Scholarship
  • Mrs. Delsie Sinclair Mellinger/Walter Scholarship
  • Sarah Jane (Mrs. Roy) Way Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank R. Yoke, Jr. Memorial Scholarship