Available Scholarships

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Students need only to complete one application each academic year to be considered for scholarships. Please click on the corresponding link below to fill out the application for the desired academic year.

Scholarship Application
Leadership Fellows Program


Business/Secretarial Science

  • Abels Memorial Scholarship Pleasants County
  • Bell Family Scholarship
  • Jima Ann Dotson Memorial Scholarship
  • Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship Non-traditional Students
  • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County

Computer Science & Mathematics

  • Dale Riggleman Memorial Scholarship Community Service
  • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County


    • Abels Memorial Scholarship Pleasants County
    • Charles W. & Barbara S. Morgan Pleasants County
    • Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship
    • Wayne- Meador-Elliot S. Memorial Ritchie County
    • Dr. Joseph L. Badgley Diversity in Elementary Education Scholarship


  • Allan F. and Doris B. Gates Scholarship
  • Nancy Hickel Memorial Scholarship Journalism/Graphic Arts


  • Byrd/Maxwell/Wright Nursing Scholarship
  • Irene Conaway Nursing Scholarship Ritchie County
  • Robert & Susan St. Jean Nursing Endowment
  • Minnie B. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Calhoun County
  • Minnie Keller Nursing Endowment
  • Debra Law McIntosh Memorial Scholarship
  • Virginia McGarr McIntosh Scholarship PCHS Graduates
  • Penny Ayers Moellendick Nursing Scholarship
  • Bernice Pickens Parsons Scholarship Jackson County

Political Science/Law

  • William P.A. Nicely Memorial Scholarship Parkersburg Area High School Graduates

Social Work

  • Betsy Adams Memorial Scholarship

Technical or Science

  • GE Plastics Scholarship

Technology (Industrial, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Welding)

  • Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company Scholarship


  • Kilian Conlon Memorial Scholarship Tyler, Wetzel, surrounding Co.
  • Mark Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Welding Educator Honorarium
  • Jason Meyer Memorial Scholarship

Demonstration of High Civic Involvement

  • American Legion Post 15
  • Parkersburg Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Parkersburg Rotary Club “Sour Mash” Scholarship
  • The Nine Oaks Scholarship for Appalachian Service and Development

Veterinary Medicine

  • Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships with other specific criteria

  • Arthur & Judy Campbell Scholarship Residents/ Grads of WV High Schools in the Mid-Ohio Valley
  • Mary M. “Mickey” Welch Scholarship Under 21 or parent of a young child
  • WVU at Parkersburg Alumni Association Scholarship Children/ Grandchildren of WVU-P/PCC Alumni
  • H. & S. International China Scholarship Travel from China
  • Sheng China Scholarship Travel to China
  • Eramet Scholarship Children of Employees
  • Jackson County Developmental Center Scholarship Endowment
  • Douglass Adams Memorial Scholarship United Bank Employees and Families
  • Wayne-Meador-Elliot Memorial Music, Geology, Petroleum, Engineering
  • Wendy’s Foster and Adopted Children Scholarship

General Academic Scholarship Based on a student’s academic performance. Most require full-time enrollment.

  • American Association of University Women
  • J. Douglas Ayers and Beatrice Pennybacker Ayers Memorial Scholarship Non-Traditional- Aged Man with Children
  • Berdie DeVaughn Scholarship
  • GE College Bound Scholarship PSHS
  • Carol H. Hamill Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom and Iowana Brady Hillyard Scholarship
  • Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship Non-Traditional Aged Students Ritchie County
  • Edna D. Hamilton Pleasant County
  • Thomas and Betty Harris Memorial Scholarship
  • Neva and Charles M. Harrison Memorial Scholarship Wood County
  • Hefner Education Fund PHS Graduate
  • Tom and Iowana Brady Hillyard Scholarship
  • Little Kanawha Regional Council Perm. Education Endowment
  • Loretta G. Miller Memorial Fund
  • Louise and Frank Culina Memorial Scholarship
  • Henry Logan Scholarship
  • Hogue Family Memorial Fund
  • James & Rebecca McCutcheon Scholarship Married/Working
  • Ruth Melton Memorial Scholarship
  • Eldon Miller Scholarship First Generation College
  • Parkersburg Automobile and Truck Dealers Association
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Members
  • Ritchie Family Endowment
  • Dale Riggleman Memorial Scholarship
  • Harry A. Ross Scholarship
  • Simonton Window Scholarship Employees
  • Shanti Memorial Scholarship
  • Trinity Episcopal Church/Nancy Frye Memorial Scholarship
  • Lloyd Vandale Memorial Scholarship
  • Vienna VFW – Post 8127 Scholarship
  • Mrs. Delsie Sinclair Mellinger/Walter Scholarship
  • Sarah Jane (Mrs. Roy) Way Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank R. Yoke, Jr. Memorial Scholarship