Multi-Disciplinary Studies

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View More: bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree in multidisciplinary studies provides a rigorous academic program with a strong foundation in the arts and sciences. The program provides preparation for graduate or professional degrees beyond the college’s other, specialized and primarily professional/career focused, bachelor’s degree programs. This degree program is comprised of three related minor areas of study and culminates with a senior project that combines these three disciplines. The program does not limit students or courses of study to a particular major or division, but emphasizes multidisciplinary/cross-disciplinary studies. The program’s flexibility, appropriate breadth and depth in the chosen areas of study, and focus on developing an understanding of the nature of cross-disciplinary investigation constitute its most salient features. Each student selects three minor areas for study and then must demonstrate how these areas contribute to their educational or career goals. Multidisciplinary studies students complete a senior project during their final semester as a means to incorporate all these disciplines. Minors currently available include: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication, Fine Arts (Art, Music, or Theatre), History, Literature, Psychology, and Sociology.

The bachelor of arts degree in multidisciplinary studies:

  1. Provides a pathway for students who plan to earn a masters or professional degree in areas of health science (medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.), human services (counseling, psychology, social work), theology/divinity, law, or attend graduate school in the arts, humanities, natural sciences or social sciences.
  2. Provides an opportunity for students to study three disciplines and to investigate the interrelationships among them.
  3. Provides a rigorous bachelor of arts degree for students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree but do not have a clear career path.

Program Requirements

General Education 31 hours
Program Requirements in Arts & Sciences 13 hours
Multidisciplinary Studies Minor 1 18 hours
Multidisciplinary Studies Minor 2 18 hours
Multidisciplinary Studies Minor 3 18 hours
MDS 492: Senior Project 3 hours
Electives 20 hours
TOTAL 121 hours

Multidisciplinary studies students must:

  1. Earn 121 credit hours as listed in the curriculum above. At least 60 credit hours must be 200-level or above, and of the 60 hours, at least 30 hours music be 300 or 400 level.
  2. Earn 18 credit hours in each of three minors as specified below.
  3. Earn a grade of C or better in all coursework for each minor.
  4. Complete a senior project (MDS 492) with a grade of C or better.
  5. Achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

Requirements for Admission

  1. Students must apply for formal admission to the Multidisciplinary Studies degree program.
  2. New students should begin their college studies in the Associate in Arts degree program.
  3. Students must have completed at least 30 credit hours in the MDS General Education curriculum with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average before they apply.
  4. A formal application for admission must be submitted to the Multidisciplinary Studies program office. The application includes a Letter of Intent that identifies the student’s three proposed minors and explains how the student will combine these disciplines to achieve their educational or career goals.

Multidisciplinary Studies Curriculum

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