Online Grade Appeals

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This form is available to students enrolled in online degree programs only. 

Every online degree-seeking student has the right to be graded or have his/her performance evaluated solely upon performance in the course work as measured against academic standards.  The student shall not be evaluated prejudicially, capriciously or arbitrarily.  The student shall not be graded nor shall his/her performance be evaluated on the basis of his/her race, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color, or national origin.

The Appeal Process

If a student believes that these rights have not been observed by an instructor or professor or that their final grade is in error, then the student has 30 days to follow this procedure:

Step 1 – Student must appeal to the instructor or faculty member in question in writing, expressing concerns about the grade received in a polite and respectful manner.

Step 2 – If this does not yield an acceptable result, contact the Division Chairperson supervising the instructor or faculty member in question.  Express concerns about the grade received in a polite and respectful manner and try to find a  mutually agreeable solution.

Step 3 – If Step 2 does not yield an acceptable result, contact the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Express concerns about the grade received in a polite and respectful manner and try to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Step 4 – If the student is unsatisfied by the results of the above procedure, he/she may complete the form below to request a review by the Academic Hearing Panel.

Academic Hearing Panel

When students believe that they have grounds for appealing a grade issued by an instructor, the following procedures must be followed:

The student must submit an e-form electronically via the college website to the Senior Academic Vice President within forty-five (45) days of the submission of the grade for the course. The student must describe the grounds for appeal in the e-form, and must also attach documentary evidence of the level of achievement in support of the particular grade that the student believes he/she should have been awarded.

If the evidence meets the criteria, the Senior Academic Vice President forwards the student’s e-form to the instructor for a response, which the instructor must provide within fifteen (15) days. The Senior Academic Vice President then refers all documentation to the Academic Hearing Panel.

The Academic Hearing Panel considers the documentation and may decide either to change or uphold the grade.

The Academic Hearing Panel will render a final decision within thirty (30) days of receiving the grade appeal e-form information from the Senior Academic Vice President. This decision is then forwarded to all of the following via an e-mail communication: the student, the instructor, and the Registrar’s Office.

The decision of the Academic Hearing Panel on these matters is final and cannot be appealed.

Submit a Grade Appeal

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Grounds for Appeal

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