Tech Programs

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IMG_6811 Drafting
The Drafting program offers a high quality and diversified curriculum that prepares students for work in the fields of engineering, simulation software design, architecture and graphic design. Students complete courses in 3-D modeling, simulation, parametric modeling and architectural drafting focusing on the use of AutoCAD, 3DSMax, Inventor, Microstation and similar software in addition to courses focusing on visual design, drafting and sketch rendering concepts.
DSC_1162 Bachelor of Applied Technology
The Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) program at WVU Parkersburg is the means to success for students who wish to combine their technical expertise with business, management and/or advanced technical skills. The BAT is the culmination of many of the technology AAS degrees at WVU Parkersburg as part of a 2 + 2 program. Students who complete an Associate degree in Computer Information Technology can choose to major in Network Engineering or Information Security. With an Associate degree in Computer Science, students can continue on in the Software Engineering Major.
computer-resized-1024x680 Computer Information Technology
According to, careers in Computer Information Technology are considered one of the 10 “Recession-proof” career fields.  For example, Network Administrators are ultimately responsible for keeping the computer network up and running. This requires a very specific skill set and there is a relatively small pool of workers who have the necessary skills to be a systems administrator. This element of rarity keeps it in the pool of hot jobs in a slumping economy.
136e Computer Science
At WVU Parkersburg, you’ll get to work with cutting edge technology and solve interesting problems as you develop the skills necessary for success in software design, computer programming, mobile app development and other related fields. With or without a recession, there is always competition for top engineering talent. Computer software engineers are challenged to keep current with constant changes emerging in computer technology. Those that keep up will be in high demand.
w7 Electricity & Instrumentation
If you are willing to learn new techniques and have good work ethic you will have the ability to move up in your organization and increase your salary exponentially. As for job security, the electrical field is not going anywhere anytime soon. There will always be a need for electricians due to new construction projects and older electrical systems degradation. With the increase of new alternate energy markets and green initiatives the time is ripe for new electricians to enter the field to take on these new responsibilities.
IMG_0681 Engineering Technology
WVU Parkersburg’s Engineering Technology programs offer many challenges and rewards for technically-minded students who want to develop a career as an electronics technician, field engineer, laboratory technician, circuit/system designer or maintenance technician and other related fields.
IMG_0642 Learn and Earn – Chemical &  Polymer Operator Technology
In this one-year program, students gain work experience while earning a 30-hour degree certificate of applied science in chemical and polymer operator technology. The program alternates classroom learning at WVU Parkersburg with hands-on work rotations at DuPont in three-month cycles. Students receive hourly compensation while working at DuPont.
032e Multi-Craft Technology
Industrial maintenance craftspeople are needed in every form of industry where machines are used. They are required anytime a piece of machinery or equipment is installed, re-positioned, or dismantled. These personnel are also needed to perform preventive and routine scheduled maintenance on this equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly and efficiently.
DSC_0701 Welding
Get a head start in a trade career. Take pride in learning multiple welding skills. Some 60 percent of the new jobs in the early 21st century will require skills that are held by just 20 percent of the present workforce. Welding is a prime example of such skills needed.