Certificate in Workforce Skills

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Why Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Workforce Skills at WVU Parkersburg?

  • This degree is the first ‘rung’ in the ‘ladder to success’ approach being implemented at WVU Parkersburg and will feed seamlessly into your next degree program.
  • The CAS also meets the majority of General Education Guidelines recently revised at the state level in West Virginia.
  • It is the ideal Program for students who must take Developmental Education or who are undecided in their career pathway.
  • You’ll be pleased to know that the materials studied in the CAS, combined with the classroom expectations, ensure that a successful candidate possesses the skills and competencies needed to be competitive and successful in the workplace.
  • In this Program, you will work on your communication skills, your critical thinking skills, your employment skills, your interpersonal skills, your professional behaviors, and even learn a little about what it means to approach your career with an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Currently, this is the first program of its kind in West Virginia.

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