Center for Teaching and Technology

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West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s Center for Teaching and Technology strives to improve the quality of education at all levels by expanding knowledge of the teaching-learning process through the use of technology and increasing the array of instructional strategies available to faculty. Providing information and learning opportunities for faculty concerning innovative teaching strategies and approaches to various styles of learning are major foci of the Center.

Consultations are available to faculty interested in integrating technology into their lectures or online content. Technologies such as the TurningPoint Clicker Response System and classroom symposiums are among those offered. 

The CTT also provides programs and workshops that are planned throughout each academic year to familiarize and excite full-time and part-time faculty in the use of technology in the learning environment. These programs and workshops are sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Technology, in collaboration with the Offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Library, and Information Technology Services. 
In addition to training sessions, the Center hosts user meetings, forums, and faculty presentations throughout the academic year.