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Why Business Technology?ACSBP_Accredited

A degree in Business Technology (BTEC) will prepare you to manage a modern workplace and be successful. Major courses concentrate on developing software skills in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Other skills developed include web page design, desktop publishing, using social media to promote your company, and creating communications to let customers know about products or services for your small or medium-sized business.

A career ladder enables you to begin with a one-year Certificate then complete the two-year associate degree in Business Technology. A BTEC degree will provide you with a comprehensive competency skill set focused on problem-solving applications necessary for modern companies. You will build skills in information technology, communications, and critical thinking.

The program provides learning opportunities to introduce, develop, and reinforce skills and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement in the 21st Century. Business Technology certificates and degrees at WVU Parkersburg focus on reinforcing academic, business, technology skills and attitudes required for starting your career, improving skills for your current job, or advancing to a higher-level position

Additional Information

Pathways to success in Business Technology. You can start with a one-year certificate, move on to a two-year degree and finally complete a four-year degree with this program.

    1. One-Year Certificate: Start with a one-year Certificate of Applied Science in Business Technology (CAS) to build basic skills. Take 15 hours each semester and follow the academic map to complete the certificate in two semesters.
    2. Two-Year Associate: Add two semesters to the certificate to complete the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in BTEC and prepare for more complex office management jobs.
    3. Four-Year Bachelor: Add four more semesters after the associate degree to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration (BASBA) with a Business Information Technology (BIT) concentration. With the BASBA BIT, you will be ready to hire, train, and supervise other employees and be responsible for creating communications for internal and external distribution.

Online Program. You may complete the CAS and AAS entirely online or come to the college to take the general education courses face-to-face then transition into the online business technology courses. Taking skill courses online requires a strong commitment to time management. All Business Technology courses are available online.

Learning Outcomes. The academic map for your program is designed to help you use best practices for excelling on each of the outcomes. To find out how well students have learned the outcomes, assessment projects exams will be required in various courses during the program.

Capstone Courses: At the end of the AAS in Business Technology and the BASBA, you will complete a capstone course that is designed to get you ready for the job market. You will prepare your resume and explore the job search process. You will learn how to be a productive employee and the “soft skills” such as human relations, workplace enhancement, and self management that are required for success.

Graduation Requirements:

CAS Business Technology Graduation Requirements:

    • Complete 30 credit hours from the AAS Business Administration curriculum.
    • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all general education course requirements.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point-average in the Business Technology concentration courses and obtain a minimum of C or better in each BTEC course.
    • Complete at least 9 hours of credit at WVU at Parkersburg.
    • File Graduation Application in OLSIS within the stated deadlines.

AAS in Business Technology Graduation Requirements:

    • Complete 60 credit hours from the Business Technology curriculum.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in all general education course requirements.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.25 grade point-average in all business core required courses and obtain a C or better in GBUS 202 Business Communications.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point-average in the Business Technology concentration and obtain a C or better in each Business Technology course.
    • Complete at least 16 hours of credit at WVU Parkersburg.
    • File graduation application at the Registrar’s Office within stated deadlines.

Business Course Descriptions:

Careers within Business Technology provide job opportunities in a variety of business career positions. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, demand for secretaries and office managers is expected to grow about 3 percent between 2014-2024.

See the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information. Careers in Business Technology can be exciting, rewarding, and offer a lifetime of fulfillment.

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