Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Do you like solving complex problems? Are you a numbers person? If you would like to combine your love of mathematics and quantitative skills with getting a job as a manager or analyst in a business or government operation, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) is for you. The BSBA enables you to prepare for a graduate degree such as the MBA. You may choose from a specialization in Accounting or General Business.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a traditional four-year degree in business. The BSBA provides a theoretical basis in the functional areas of business including accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. The degree includes more emphasis on quantitative analysis and production and operations management. Business law, ethics, and diversity provide a background for an MBA or for CPA preparation.

Click here to review the Accounting and General Business specialization-specific outcomes.

To apply for admission to the BSBA, you may also graduate with the Associate in Science (AS) in Business Administration or the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration.

Program Outcomes and Graduation Requirements.

Capstone Courses: At the end of the BSBA, you will complete a capstone course that is designed to get you ready for the job market. You will prepare your resume and explore the job search process. You will learn how to be a productive employee and the soft skills that are required for success.

Transfer of Credits

Students may transfer credits from college-level courses completed at other institutions subject to the following conditions:


    • All BSBA degree program students must complete at least 32 hours of credits in residency at WVU Parkersburg, regardless of the number of course credits transferred.
    • Students with approved transfer credits must complete at least 45 credit hours of upper division business courses (numbered 300 and above), including all required major concentration courses. No credit will be awarded toward senior-level courses completed at a two-year institution.
    • Lower-level division credits that are now upper-division credits that were completed at Parkersburg Community College (PCC) prior to the Fall1991 semester will not be accepted for upper-level credit.

Graduation Requirements BSBA Degree


    • Complete 120 credit hours in courses outlined for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree in any of the two program options: Accounting or General Business.
    • Maintain overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher in all general education courses and supportive courses required for the degree.
    • Maintain minimum grade point average of 2.25 overall in all courses included in the Common Professional Component (CPC).
    • Maintain minimum grade point average of 2.5 overall in all courses included in area of concentration.
    • Complete a minimum of 32 credit hours at WVU Parkersburg, 24 of which must be upper division (numbered 300 and above) targeted business courses.
    • Complete application for graduation, pay the graduation fee, and file application at Registrar’s Office prior to stated deadline.

Choose from one of the two concentrations: Accounting or General Business.