Business Information Technology (BIT) Concentration

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If you want to move up in your organization or get a better job after completing the Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology (BTEC), you can add to your skills with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration Business Information Technology (BIT) concentration.

In addition to strong skills, managing an office sometimes requires a bachelor’s degree. In large companies or agencies where there are a number of promotion opportunities, having a bachelor’s degree may make the difference in moving up the ladder.
Business Administration – BASBA / BIT pdf

What positions will I be qualified for with the BASBA BIT?

Every organization has its own structure for titles, often including these:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Administrative Assistant

What do office managers do?

Administrative Managers often manage other support staff that may include:

  • hiring
  • training
  • supervising other administrative employees.

In addition, the position may include:

  • managing inventory of office supplies
  • working with product vendors
  • overseeing decision making on purchase
  • lease of office equipment
  • computer systems
  • software decisions

The position may also include planning events, analyzing costs and finding cost savings, and overseeing customer service.

What skills are needed?

Communication skills, leadership, attention to detail, and analytical skills. You will learn more about all these skills sets in the BASBA BIT program.