Business Administration

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Why Business Administration?


A major in business administration prepares you to work in almost any business. Do you like sales? Do you want to manage a retail store? Do you want to be the administrator for a busy office? Do you like training and supervising other employees? Are you interested in working as a manager in a manufacturing plant? Have you thought about starting your own business?

The business administration major builds skills in all business disciplines including accounting, business communications, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Majoring in business administration will prepare you to work in most companies that sell products or services to make a profit or for non-profit organizations or government offices.

Graduates of WVUP’s business programs gain skills needed for today’s workforce. The degree program covers business fundamentals and gives you the tools necessary to land your first business position and work your way up in an organization over time. You will also be ready to pursue further education with an MBA at area universities.

Scheduling Options to Meet your Needs. Follow the Map! The academic map for each program shows how to schedule your courses to graduate on time. Daytime schedules are available that will enable you to take 15-16 hours each semester and stay on track for graduation. Summer courses are available if you want to speed up your time to degree.

Hybrid Evening Courses: Hybrid means half in person and half online. If your schedule includes work, family, and other obligations that make it challenging to come to the campus for courses during the daytime or every evening, think about taking hybrid courses that meet for about an hour and a half each week.

    Hybrid courses combine in-class time for interacting with the professor and other students in small-group projects and assignments with some online work. Fewer lectures make in-class learning more fun and help you apply the textbook material. Shorter class times means you can complete some assignments and exams online. You can usually get 2-3 courses back-to-back on a single evening so you take a full schedule by coming to campus a couple of evenings a week.

Interested in Online Courses? Taking online courses requires a strong commitment to time management. Most business administration courses are available online. Team assignments may be required requiring use of technology such as Google Hangouts or Skype to work in real-time with team members.

    Note: WVUP’s bachelors degrees in business are not available online. The available business courses that are online fill up quickly so be sure to see your academic advisor and register early each semester.

Learning Outcomes. The academic map for your program is designed to help you use best practices for excelling on each of the outcomes. To find out how well students have learned the outcomes, assessment exams will be required in various courses during the program.

Capstone Courses: At the end of the AAS in Business Administration and the BASBA, you will complete a capstone course that is designed to get you ready for the job market. You will prepare your resume and explore the job search process. You will learn how to be a productive employee and the soft skills that are required for success.

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