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Why Accounting?


The field of accounting offers challenging and rewarding opportunities, and WVU Parkersburg is committed to providing students the education and technical knowledge ne

cessary to enter the accounting profession and to pursue a successful professional career in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

The accounting program at WVU Parkersburg provides a unique education that combines our local recognition, cutting edge curriculum and individual attention from our accounting professors who come with a very large and varied background in private industry. Our professors are intent on giving students knowledge of the “ real” business world and guide students into career specializations that will provide them strong earning potential and stability in the economic climate of the future.

Why Accounting at WVU Parkersburg?

Our modern teaching techniques and facilities enable “ distance learning.”
Our professors are extremely experienced in the teaching field as well as the private sector, including CPAs and CMAs.
Whether students are interested in public accounting, private accounting or the government sector, we have the ability to present those scenarios to students to help them make career choices.
We have been very successful with students who have graduated from our programs in placing them with private accounting firms, banks, health care businesses and the local government office of the Public Debt. Many Public Dept employees return to hone their skills for advanced positions.

Programs Offeredaccounting

Accounting & Financial Management Concentration – BASBA pdf
Accounting – BSBA pdf


Controllers, Comptrollers, City Governance, Staff Accountants in hospitals, banks, medium sized businesses including retail and wholesale.

Auditors with private, state and local employers.

Salary ranges generally can be from $ 30,000 at entry level, $ 70,000 to $ 100,000 for medium sized companies, to well of $ 150,000 for jobs with large companies in experienced key positions. The sky is the limit in this profession.

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