Bachelor of Applied Technology

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Why Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT)?

The Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) program at WVU Parkersburg is the means to success for students who wish to combine their technical expertise with business, management and/or advanced technical skills.

The BAT is the culmination of many of the technology AAS degrees at WVU Parkersburg as part of a 2 + 2 program.

Students who complete an Associate degree in Computer Information Technology can choose to major in Network Engineering or Information Security.

With an Associate degree in Computer Science, students can continue on in the Software Engineering Major.

Many of the other technology Associate degrees link directly into the management major.

Why BAT at WVU Parkersburg?

WVU Parkersburg is the only college in the region that offers students the opportunity to complete an associate degree and then continue on into a bachelors program.

Programs Offered

Management – BAT pdf
Software Engineering pdf
Information Security Major – BAT pdf
Network Engineering – BAT pdf


  • Computer programmer
  • System analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Software engineer
  • Network administrator