Message from the President

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The following is the address Dr. Fletcher Lamkin gave to faculty and staff of WVU Parkersburg on Jan. 14, 2015

On this, my first official day of service to you as President of West Virginia University at Parkersburg, I want to thank the Board of Governors and all of you who participated in the process that ultimately selected me to be your president. I am honored by this opportunity and committed to providing selfless and capable leadership for our college, our faculty and staff, and, most importantly, our students as we continue the college’s legacy of support to the Parkersburg community

During my on campus interview, I posed the question of a ten-year vision for our college. One of your colleagues responded, “Superstar.” Certainly, because of the good work of many who are present in this room, and your predecessors, we are poised for “superstardom” at this college. West Virginia University at Parkersburg is blessed with outstanding students, a superb faculty, a talented and dedicated staff, a welcoming community, and a wise and highly supportive Board of Governors. It is our time to strive as a coordinated team to achieve our rich potential.

Because of my belief in trust as a key ingredient to success, I was impressed that our college established integrity as its very first value: personal integrity, intellectual integrity, and ethics in all we do.

To me, integrity is comprised of two major components – honesty and trust. Someone with integrity is a person of his or her word, someone we know we can trust to be honest in every situation. I firmly believe that “if you have integrity, nothing else matters. And if you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

I realize that, particularly in academe, trust must be earned. It is spawned from a combination of honest behavior, effective communication, and the willingness to give trust to others. Accordingly, in the next few months I will make every endeavor to get to know you by looking, listening, and learning and proving to you that we can trust one other and that we can advance this university in an environment of personal, institutional, and academic integrity.

Given that environment, I am convinced that,

Together, we can maintain and refine our purpose, mission, and identity as an institution, while making dramatic improvement in our mission accomplishment.
Together we can achieve:

Dramatically improved student retention
Increased enrollments, optimized for the College
Improved faculty and staff compensation, development, and recognition
Financial stability with a substantially increased resource base, and
Improved campus infrastructure and appearance.

In a decade, West Virginia University at Parkersburg can be that superstar: a flourishing, sustainable, highly achieving college that is poised for even greater growth and accomplishment.

It is our time, now, to emerge from the footsteps of our predecessors and achieve our legacy for the future of this college.

Together, we can achieve our fullest potential and build a foundation for future greatness.

Together, better than ever before, we can serve our state, the community, and, most importantly, our students.

Together, we can expand our visibility and advance our role in the region, the state, and in the nation. This is an exciting time in our history, and I am honored to be your president and thrilled at the possibility of working with this wonderful community to reach these goals.

Thank you for your attention today, and for your commitment to West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

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