Guidelines for Submissions to the Campus TV Monitors’ System

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The WVU Parkersburg Campus TV Monitors’ System is a communication tool available to the campus community to inform, publicize or promote campus activities, opportunities or events. Appropriate items for posting include campus events, information of general interest, meeting notices, etc.


The broadcast is presented to viewers through television monitors in public and congregation areas: in lobbies and in the cafeteria, as examples. Tv monitors are located in the WVU Parkersburg main building, Caperton Center, Workforce and Community Education building, and Jackson County Center. Faculty, staff, students, campus visitors and the general public all view the monitors that are part of this system. Communicators using this resource should take this wide audience into consideration.

System Operations

The monitors’ broadcast is operated and maintained by the Marketing & Communications department.

  • Updates are made daily, as appropriate.
  • The Marketing & Communications department maintains the right to edit or modify messages for clarity, visual style or efficiency.
  • Regular messages will be suspended during a crisis to permit use of the monitors’ system for emergency communication.

How to Send a Submission

Email ude.puvwnull@snoitacinummoc.

TV Tips

We offer the following suggestions to help make messages as effective as possible:

  • Keep it short and simple; typically around 20-40 words. Remember that most viewers will take 10 seconds at best to scan a message.
  • Provide viewers with a source for more information: include a name and phone number or email address.
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