13 new faculty begin fall semester at WVU Parkersburg, 13 faculty seek doctoral degrees

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West Virginia University at Parkersburg recently added 13 new full-time faculty to its roster. In addition, 13 full-time faculty members are working toward their doctoral degrees. A luncheon was held last week at the college’s culinary academy to celebrate and welcome the added faculty members.DSC_0660_web

New faculty members include:

  • Lisa Baker, instructor of early childhood/child development;
  • Jacqueline Barron, instructor of criminal justice;
  • Chad Crumbaker, instructor of criminal justice;
  • Stacey Greenup, instructor of nursing;
  • Dr. Mary Hetrick, assistant professor of biology;
  • Joseph Hunt, instructor of welding;
  • Valerie Keinath, instructor of geology and physical science;
  • Dr. Wesley Kendall, assistant professor of legal studies;
  • Dr. Larry Muller, assistant professor of business administration;
  • Ruth Porter, instructional specialist, surgical technology;
  • Hans Straight, instructional specialist, diversified agriculture;
  • Rhett Wharton, instructor of criminal justice; and
  • Tracy Wooten, instructor of business administration.

“Our new faculty this academic year collectively bring a vast array of experience, education, training and ideas to our already successful academic degrees and programs,” said Dr. Rhonda Tracy, senior vice president for academic affairs. “We are vested in their success and are confident we will have a productive year as they contribute to our mission at WVU Parkersburg.”

Important responsibilities of all full-time faculty include professional development and contribution to the discipline by discovering new knowledge. At WVU Parkersburg, 13 faculty members are currently seeking doctoral degrees. These include:

  • Aaron Crites, assistant professor of history;
  • Dianne Davis, associate professor of business;
  • Lisa Flowers-Clements, assistant professor/coordinator of developmental education;
  • Kathy Frum, associate professor of nursing;
  • MaryBeth Held, instructor of speech;
  • Jeff Holland, assistant professor of business & management
  • Torie Jackson, assistant professor of journalism;
  • Steve Morgan, business and economics division chair;
  • Allison Sayre, assistant professor of nursing;
  • Stephanie Smith-Stout, instructor of nursing;
  • Stacey Watkins, assistant professor of nursing;
  • Amy Wolfe, instructor of education; and
  • Tracy Wooten, instructor of business administration.

Staff member Anthony Underwood, vice president for student services, is also working toward his doctoral degree, and faculty members, Rose Beebe, David Lancaster, Melissa Spivy and Cynthia Gissy, have earned their doctoral degrees within the last three years.

“Not only do our faculty members teach full-time instructional loads, we have a stellar group who are pursuing doctoral degrees in order to expand and enhance their own learning,” said Tracy. “They truly exemplify lifelong learning and are wonderful examples to our students of how learning is a continuous process.”

In Photograph: 

Front Row
Mary Hetrick
Jacqueline Barron
Stacey Greenup
Gene Evans
Rhonda Tracy
Dave Thompson
Cindy Gissy

Back Row
Rose Beebe
Ruth Porter
Hans Straight
Larry Muller
Steve Morgan
Kim Korcsmaros

Not Pictured

Valerie Keinath
Wesley Kendall
Rhett Wharton
Joseph Hunt
Lisa Baker
Chad Crumbaker

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